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Karin Borghouts

Karin Borghouts is a professional artist photographer, living near Antwerp.

Her work occupies a position between photography and visual art and is rich in references to paintings. Her highly ingenious photos show a preference for places, architectural environments and interiors, in which you may recognize / take a hint of her education in painting, sculpture and photography. Her work can be found in the collections of, for example the photography museums of Antwerp and Charleroi and the MAS in Antwerp.

Starting with a Linhof large format camera, Karin has a large experience in printing, publishing and exhibiting. Now photographing with the newest digital equipment, Karin likes to work on site-specific projects, large commissioned assignments and on a temporary base with galleries like De Mijlpaal and Ronny Van de Velde


Here you can follow the places Karin goes:

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