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Yes I'm a woman, so what?

Campaign statement

The debate whether a woman is or is not capable of excelling in her profession is a false one, as excelling or not, should not depend on gender.
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I have frequently been asked about my role as a female architect, and even more so recently, and I must say I feel a bit reluctant to address this subject. I am aware of the emotional pressure to be a role model, especially for young female architects, but I can only do so by just being the architect that I am.

The thing is, I resist the idea of gender being part of my value as an architect, nor do I think any woman in any profession should allow that. It is my firmly held belief that there is nothing special about a woman being able to excel at a profession, and making a note of gender in this regard is completely outdated.

Nevertheless, the facts show that women still are outnumbered in many professions and discouraged in their careers. Women have little alternative but to keep on showing the world that yes, we are here to stay, we will not change into men, and we refuse to be part of a debate which ponders whether a woman is or is not capable of excelling in her chosen profession – because excellence does not depend on gender.

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