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Hide and Seek

How to experience space is the fundamental question in our profession. In daily practice so many subjects battle to get the spotlights, so to enjoy and never to forget that no other question can be more important, it is great to let you be amazed by the work of NONOTAK. 



Also great to know is that NONOTAK was formed in 2011 when the duo was commissioned by the architect Bigoni-Mortemard to create a mural in the lobby of a public housing building in Paris. This work is called ‘Hide and seek’ and still to be found on the Nonotak website, what supports my confection that work and deeds of any size can be of major importance if you make the effort.


The worldwide famous NONOTAK is a Paris-based studio founded by illustrator Noemi Schipfer and the architect musician Takami Nakamoto in 2011. NONOTAK constructs light and sound installations that create ethereal, immersive and dreamlike environments.

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