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Gaten in de muur

Movie by Jan Dirk Schouten

Holes in the wall tells about the renewed cooperation of architects and artists after World War II in Rotterdam. These years of parsimony, housing shortages, lack of resources and materials were the heyday of a new collaboration between artists and architects. 

During the 60's, artists and architects became more and more frustrated, being left out and forgotten in these cooperations. The film tells the story of these places and people looking for a better world, reflecting on why we can appreciate the monumental art of the period of reconstruction so much. All by casting a new light on the origins of modern Netherlands as we know it today.

Jan Dirk has been fascinated by movies and art since a young age. In 2005 he was acquainted with the works of monumental artist Ger van Iersel, and subsequently he made a short film about him. Since then Jan Dirk has been intrigued by monumental art in the buildings of the reconstruction.

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